Blood Omen

Psuchaste's Longsword

weapon (melee)

Precise, +1 damage, close, its blade glows after drinking the blood of its wielder


Blood Omen was the sword of the Graeve of Sorrow’s End, Psuchaste. It is the only relic that survived the destruction of Sorrow’s End, just as Psuchaste is the only creature to escape alive.

It is unclear, over the last three thousand years, how and why the sword or its wielder have survived with neither blemish nor age. Perhaps the sword’s magic has sustained Psuchaste, shaping the fallen Graeve into a weapon that walks like a natural man; perhaps the betrayal that unmade Sorrow’s End has transformed an otherwise ordinary sword into a manifestation of Psuchaste’s undying anger.

Regardless, Blood Omen – The Sword That Drinks – and Psuchaste are inseparable.

Blood Omen

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