Sorrow's End

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The Cult in the Cave
What lies in the depths of the mines?

Our story takes place upon the Crescent Isle, an island separated from the mainland. The Isle was fairly self sufficient with the town of Rockbreak in the south and Port Taramos to the West. All was fine.
Till the Dragon came.
A dragon showed up, torching the ships in Port Taramos before flying to an active volcano in the bay. There he lays. Watching. Waiting.
Some have tried to placate the dragon by worshipping it. The towns of Crescent Isle have grown weary of these religious extremists. The magistrate has but a bounty on those who practice this false religion.
We find our heroes Psuchaste the Fighter and Lena his Bard in Rockbreak. They have hired to claim a bounty on those who have been worshiping the dragon spirits. Accepting this bounty, they head to the caves where the cultists were last heard worshipping. Upon arriving at the opening of the cave, Psuchaste summed Igneous the rock spirit. Igneous informed the adventurers that there were men leading strange rituals within the cave, yet they could not be pinpointed as to their location.
Deciding not to blow up the mines as it was the main source of Rockbreak’s income, Lena and Psuchaste traversed into the mine. Shortly into their excursion, Lena was attacked by fire beetles. Luckily Psuchaste was able to leap into the fray and swat the fire beetles away with Lena receiving some minor burns in the process. Lena then sang a magic song to heal herself of the damages she had received.
So the duo decided to not venture any farther down that path as there were potentially more fire beetles. So they doubled back and ventured down a different path. Shortly upon the path they were accosted by a gargoyle. The creature flew down from its perch above them and slammed Psuchaste into a wall. Psuchaste however, quickly informed the gargoyle of the errors of his way and who he was dealing with. The gargoyle backed away. Psuchaste then asked the gargoyle who he was working for.
The gargoyle answered, “The men pay me to guard them.”
Psuchaste replied “Since you are not man you are not my concern. Take me to them.”
The winged stone beast replied, “On one condition, as long as I may keep their gold.”
Psuchaste and Lena saw no reason that this deal could not be made. Cragg, as the creature was named, led them down further into the caves. As they ventured they began to see lights dancing upon the walls. Cragg soon told them to halt. Around the cavern wall they could see a circle of men in long red robes sitting around a fire. Cragg told the heros not to rush in, as it could end badly. He began to walk towards the fires. He waited for a good time to interrupt their ritual, but getting impatient, Cragg tapped one of the men on the shoulder. The man raised his hand and Cragg dissipated into a pile of dust.
Psuchaste and Lena were taken aback momentarily. Psuchaste then decided that he had waited long enough, and sprung into action. His movements were graceful and flowing, almost as if he were exerting no effort as he charged into the fray, impaling one of the cultists on his sword. As the cultist turned to scream, Psuchaste ripped his eye out his socket.
The cult members sat in horror of what they had just witnessed. Lena prepared her bow and fired a single shot, which struck another cultist directly between the eyes. However, in making this skillful shot, she opened herself up to attack, and one of the cultists began to move toward her. Psuchaste, with perfect timing and grace, disposed of this member before he could make more than a couple of steps toward his trusted Bard.
The final cult member began to run, terrified that his fate might follow suit. Psuchaste bellowed after him. He spoke of his ancient past and his true nature. He spoke of his role in The Wild Hunt. How his actions inspired lesser races to fear the dark. Psuchaste promised that if he were to keep running, he would be found, and he would be tortured with the intensity known only to the immortal elves.
The man in red robes froze. He turned around, held his hands up, and said, “I would gladly take on the punishment of men that the horrors of which you speak.”
Psuchaste and Lena bound the final cultist. Psuchaste summoned the fire spirit Pyre to determine what had happened before they had arrived. Pyre told them that the men were attempting to forge weapons of pure fire. Psuchaste thanked Pyre for his information and Pyre promised to appear when next he was summoned.
Psuchaste and Lena headed into back to Rockbreak. Upon arriving in the village square, they threw the cultist on the ground and Psuchaste bellowed “Where is the Magistrate. I demand payment.” The townspeople came running out their houses, wondering what all the ruckus was. The Magistrate came running out of city hall. He stopped in front of the man.
“Where are the others?”
“They have been disposed. I brought this man back as proof.”
“Well I do not see them. How am I to know if they are taken care of?”
“You may visit them in Hell if you so please.”
Psuchaste then summoned Pyre the fire spirit to validate the claims that the men were indeed dead. Pyre held his hand out and flames dance on his palm, playing out the sequences of events.
The Magistrate was stunned. He ran into City hall. Upon returning, he threw a bag of coin at the heroes feet. Inside was 200 coin, 100 of which was used to throw a party in the town.
Sadly, it was one of the worst parties Rockbreak had ever seen. Psuchaste quickly got very drunk and proceeded to tell the story of how he totally ripped that guy’s eye out. Lena also played the song she had written on the way back to town relentlessly, even though it needed some work.
Later in the night, Psuchaste approached an old man with white hair and dead eyes. The man told him that the secrets he seeks, he will find at the Obelisk located in the center of the Isle. Then the man walked away, almost fading away into the night.

Who was that man?
What secrets lie in this Obelisk?
How long will the dragon lay dormant before he strikes again?
Will the remaining cultists find out what has happened?


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